The planet is at the brink of a geological disaster.  The molten core is dangerously explosive, threatening to split the planet open and cover the surface with lava.  An internal planetary shield was created 800 years ago to contain the destruction, but it was never intended to be a permanent solution.  It’s predicted that this catastrophic event dubbed the Meltdown will happen in 200 years, when the shield deteriorates.

Vision ~ SR stars Oracle, an enigmatic cyborg that can see the future.  She teams up with Wally, a passive human with technological know-how.  Together they travel to Seudar Isle, a mysterious island swarming with threatening creatures, in an attempt to solve the looming crisis.  Supposedly hidden on the island is the Omega Crystal, a gigantic phase crystal that could amplify Oracle’s powers tremendously.  By perceiving humanity’s advancements over the next hundred years, Oracle could learn clues on how to stop the Meltdown once and for all.  As Wally puts it, “We can learn from our mistakes before they happen.”